Tuesday, June 3, 2008

old glories are coming back....

a hearty welcome to Sylvia FitzPatrick, who, after supporting the Pearl with her presence for a very long time, was absent for a few weeks. She has returned into the bosom of the Sorority.

Dear Esteemed Reader,
I am Sylvia Fitzpatrick, a young lady of good family; Father was with the foreign office in India, the family estate in Ireland. Please accept these worthless momentos for kindly enquiring about me:
I had an idyllic childhood, initially at our homes in Ireland and London then cared for by my ayah in India until my parents decided I should be sent back to London to an establishment renowned for turning out polished young ladies fit for marriage in high society, favoured by many families based in the colonies, as a finishing school in preparation for my coming out. After my initial homesickness, I settled in well and worked hard to please my tutors. Amongst these was Monsieur F…, the French Music and Arts Master, who early on singled me out as having great potential and artistic talent. My parents were delighted and gladly agreed to the extra personal tuition offered to add to the accomplishments of their talented daughter.
I was an innocent, Sir, ignorant of the world and the ways of such men. M. F…took me to his studios each evening, showing me fine drawings and paintings to inspire me and encouraged me to consider my own life drawing skills. I was initially so shy, but he was patient and persuasive and rewarded me when I eventually allowed him full reign to his artistic talents. He slowly trained me to be skilful in everything I do to best please, to be dextrous, observant and creative, instructed me into the pleasures of the flesh, giving me skills I should not have, desires I did not understand, could not control. He was indeed a perfectionist, insisting I repeat an exercise over and over until he was satisfied. He was stern and often chastised me most vigorously when I was recalcitrant, disobedient or did not meet his exacting standards, often until I was faint with the pleasure of it- a skilful man. I became a most willing student and soon looked forward to my extra tuition, feeling excited and hot as the time approached.
One evening we were unexpectedly interrupted by the Principle, Dame S….After some discussion between them, I was taken to her study and soundly punished for my behaviour- I was bewildered, tearful. She informed that I should be expelled and I would be a disgrace to my family but because they wished to spare me this, they proposed that I should leave forthwith, no longer to share the dormitory with my fellow students, to continue my studies privately under their supervision. Distraught I accepted all trustingly, to protect the family name. Between them I would acquire the polish I needed to enter society. Little did I realise the society they had planned for me.
They proposed an exhibition for an invited group of connoisseurs to view my artistic progress. That first evening following my exhibition, I was drawn aside by a tall elegant gentleman who quietly suggested that perhaps I should leave my education and use my undoubted talents at a discreet establishment he knew in London. I left with only the clothes I wore, a love of art and music and talents unusual in one so sheltered. Thus I came to the Club Pearl. My artistic skills are undoubted and gain renown amongst the privileged cognoscenti. I am educated and articulate Dear Reader, a grown woman, love to weave a story for you, skilled, subtle and passionate, occasionally disobedient. I guarantee that our time together conversing will be stimulating and enjoyable for us both. I can be tender and loving or stern and demanding, as you desire.

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