Thursday, June 5, 2008

Reviews of the Restless Lady (1)

Chapter #1 : Fatima's Dreams

After having spent the morning by washing and ironing her handkerchiefs, performing some Flamenco and sorting her Thigh Highs, Lady Luna came to the conclusion that a quiet morning can be rather relaxing, but not very distracting. Since nobody seemed to be in need of a cup of tea or a slice of Lady Hagar's delicious radiating cake, Lady Luna decided to put on her walking dress, holster her incredibly high-tech Tripod Camera and to follow her favorite Lady-boss's advice: "Go and make sense of your life"

After preparing some Roast-beef-Sandwiches and stealing two Apples from Lady Anske's Apple-tree, she switched off the lights in Club Pearl, carefully closed the doors and took off, happily humming her favourite tune about what is to be found under a Scotsman quilt.

First stop on her adventure was "Montagnes Noires" in the Village of "Fatima's Desire". A new Shop that opened his doors very recently and our exploring Lady was told by Lady B. (names shortened in order to protect the innocent) that Lady S. heard of Lady J. who saw Lady A. actually enter there and ...

Well, so Lady Luna decided to inspect that famous shop with her very own eyes. In order not to appear as lost soul and to encounter some not-so-well intended Gentlemen, Lady Luna invited a friend of hers to join. Once inside the shop, they just had time to figure out that prices were reasonable and dresses rather ... basic, when suddenly they were surprised by a member of the "Antique" High Society, Lady Arundel herself. Whilst exchanging polite chatter, they came to the conclusion that Lady Arundel comes to be a very charming person even though only OUR Lady A. seems to appreciate her designs.

They continued their way to the shop next door, which was an experience on his own, since the door appeared to be missing. Once they entered by pure coincidence, it proved to be an embarrasment to the local economy. The Idea of "Get less than you expect for more than you think" was applied throughout the shop. Four tables, each holding three items of suspect origins.

Rather upset about such a waste of space Lady Luna almost lost hold of her senses and was manhandled by her friend away and into the village, where joy was quickly restored as soon as they came to find the "Wunderlich" shop .

Embroidered bustles, Strip-able Historic underwear, Garnet Velvet and Mourning Dresses. Very nice items for reasonable prices. More and more cute little Boutiques were found, each one offering very nice Gifts. They received Flowers, an Antique Necklace, a Blouse and even an Armchair (which will be sent to Pearl with the next available Ferry).

Unfortunately, for our Gents there won't be much to see aside an 1929 Plymouth Phantom

Short excursions to the nearby islands can be done, but as bottom Line I'd like just to add that lots of Patience is required when taking the Trip. Oh and of course, preview a Picnic, the local gastronomes aren't really present yet and a little bidding in the nearby church didn't help either.

I scarcely know where to go, but I shall lead as best I may.
Be well, sincerely yours: Lady Luna

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Hon. Erebus von Kaul said...

An exquisite adventure told the with flare one expects from Lady "Luna."

I must confess to an increased interest when, during her self-described "quiet" morning Lady L. was sorting her thigh bows. I'm not precisely sure what those are but, well, it perked my interest.

And then there is the report of strip-able underwear which.... well leaves me feeling faint an the thought of it.