Friday, June 13, 2008

The Regatta rules

This is the map that shows the sailing route (click on it to see a larger version). the regatta starts at the docks of the Pearl Island, from where you sail North to the "Bogue Inlet" sim, where you must sail close to the south coast of the island.
From there you sail West to the "Fulker Island" sim, where once again, you must sail close to its southern coast. After that you sail due South, to the southcoast of the south-East island in the "Emeral Island" sim . Last sweep is from here, back to the docks of the Pearl.

the entire parcours must be sailed two times. This takes about 30 minutes. Winner is the contestant that passed all beackons succesfully and is the first to be hailed by the beackon at the Pearl Docks after the second lap.

To subscribe, pay 500L to Lady Bella. You will be handed a modest sailing boat and instructions about its use. You will get a "beeper", a small green ball that you must wear throughout the contest. Failing to do so will only result in you losing the contest, as the beackons placed along the route will no longer "see" you. We will test the good working order of your beeper before start.

You must next choose the coulours of a Lady, who will be your passenger. Ladies are picked on a forst-come-first-served basis. The Lady that accompanies you does not have to be your "prize" afterwards, so if you were just too late in asking that particular Lady, no need to fret.
Once that is done, take to your boats, but do NOT hoist the sails until Bella screams the starting signal. After that, sail away.

How you sail is up to you. You must only make sure that you pass the four numbered checkpoints , shown on the map. At these spots we placed a "beackon", that will shout your name if you pass it close enough. This will be your audible cue that you succesfully made it at a checkpoint. If you miss it, you are disqualified. The beackon will send a message to the contest leaders, so whether or not you reached the checkpoint will be known instantly.

Good luck , sir and godspeed

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