Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hagar's sub

"But madam, the garden is too small for it !"

Staff can be ridiculously petulant at times, especially when they are right. I mean, I love and respect Lady Pearl, the girls 's doing a great job, and I feel very close to her at times, but when she feels she is stating the obvious, she can be a real pain.

" No it is not. she will serve me best in the garden."
" Madam, the size ..."
" careful with what you are saying !"
" oh, Madam, she won't be sensitive to that !"

Not just pedantic, but indifferent as well. With a sub comes responsability for its wellfare, which includes protection from desensitized staff. So I dismissed Pearl with a regal nod, a gesture she has learnt to dread in the mean time, although she still can't refrain from sticking out her tongue behind my back.

There was work to be done ! Proper initiation prepared, instructions clarified and so on and so forth. You all know the drill. I fed her as per instruction, but the ungrateful chit refused to budge after that. Now, everyone can testity my patience in such matters, but if one doesn't get tough and firm from the very beginning, only tears can come from it. So I kicked her a few times and after some hesitation and lots of hacking and coughing, she started to move.
she ran smoothly after that.

I was just admiring her fittings, when Lady Joulle and Lady Anske barged in to admire my purchase. There was lots of cooing and hopping up and down in the cushions and of course they wanted a demonstration.

"Isn't she a bit heavy ..." Joulle ventured
" Now now, don't you start that debate again !" I said calmly, but biting firmly in my horsewhip.
" Well, it sure looks as if those blades ..." Anske started.
" She's a sub, alright ? " I replied with a smile , " And given the proper attention she can go deep ! But I intend to make her fly too."

Both claimed that this was impossible, so I offered a demonstration. No need to ask that twice, and both ran around like chickens , feeling the pluche, trying out the buttons and being a nuissance overall. They hardly took notice ! So my baby and I got tired of such indifference and dumped them at sea. They swam safely home, although they were a bit disgruntled after that, but hey ! When I get a sub working for them, they should pay attention.

Now here is a pic of her. Admit it boys. Isn't she a steal ?

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