Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pearls At Dusk

And here we are again, another wonderful, bright morning in the Pearl.
The Last Gentleman tiptoed out of the Club just some moments ago,
the early birds greet happily twittering the rising sun,
& in the staircase floats a smell of burned Toast.

Kington takes care of the spiderwebs

meanwhile some Ladies block the Bathroom

others try to organize coffee in buckets
(and actually get away with it)

Probably you'll see strange silhouettes haunting the Ballroom

and peek on some Ladies during their morning Toilette

When you walk towards the quarters,
you hear some noises behind the doors
and suddenly a female voice yelling :
"My wardrobe, god help, i was robbed!"

You wonder what this much excitement is all about?
Well ... let me tell you!

We're the pleasures of the nighttime that fade at dawn,
selling treasures of the nighttime til night is gone.
And then when the party's over, everybody's gone away,
we stare at an empty day - what is there to do or say?
Nighttime is where we live,
night is when we give everything we have to give.
Most lovers can rejoice, we don't have a choice,
we just know we have to give.

We hereby announce proudly our next upcoming event:
A night at the Moulin Rouge
(11th July 2008 from 12:00 - 15:00)So let's bring on the men and let the fun begin a little touch of sin why wait another minute step this way its time for us to play they say we may not pass this way again so lets waste no more time Bring on the men We always knew, We always said a silk and lace in black and red will drive a man right off his head, its easy They break your heart they steal your soul take you apart and yet they somehow make you whole so whats their game I suppose a rose by any other name the perfume and the prick's the same

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an anonymous adventurer said...

Ah, another intriguing and excellent article by the lovely and talented Lady Luna, who, I am sure, has never curtsied awkwardly.

I must confess, however, to more than a modest amount of trepidation and an embarrassingly loud exclamation of mon Dieu! at the sight of the photographic representation directly below Miss Kington and her cobweb battles.

Luckily, for the safe functioning of my cardiac musculature, the photograph at the bottom of th article, accompanying the Moulin Rouge announcement, more than compensated for any ill effects.