Saturday, June 21, 2008

Love and the Pearl

While courtesans have similarities to the working girl when it comes to negotiable affections, there are differences as well. As I am the philosophical one amongst the Ladies of Club Pearl dear Reader, I will take the time to list some of them for you.

A courtesan that has accepted your money will do everything in her power to suit your needs. Where you want and in whatever way you want. While she may set a higher price for some activities and may require you to purchase some of the necessary "tools", basically it is “no holds barred”. Your pleasure comes first. The courtesan sets pride in her ability to please, and will be upset with her apparent failure to do so.

On the other hand, the rules of conduct in the case you wish to try to SEDUCE a courtesan are a veritable minefield. The basic rule here is that the courtesan is the Merciless Goddess of Love. She determines what you can and cannot do, and it is up to the aspiring suitor to discover what the do's and don'ts are with his capricious Lady of choice. Generally, however, it will be considered correct and polite to obey the following guidelines:
- Most ladies are eager to chat. On the other hand, keeping a Lady locked in conversation and thereby effectively blocking her chances to get a paid encounter is a surefire way to displease her.
- Any tactic to waive a requested payment, either by haggling, luring the Lady away from the reception lounge of Club Pearl, referring to an earlier geste or largesse of the lady as if it were a precedent, or any other way for that matter, will call down the wrath of the goddess. It is terribly bad form to lead a Lady up to the point where she sets aside her modesty to propose her price, and then to treat her like a cheap whore.
- If the Lady accepts you, directly or indirectly, as a suitor, she is merely granting you the chance to woo her. She did not give you a reservation or a guarantee for her affections. If she mentions money after a while, you either misunderstood her intentions, or you have yet to succeed as a suitor. Either way, accept your fate gracefully and redouble your efforts. Do not, under any circumstance, start to argue.
- Keep in mind that the Lady will expect her suitors to please her. You are trying to make her give away some of her free time to you, time she associates with fun. Make sure your time with her is Fun. If she sees you as an impediment to that fun ...
- Remember that many paying customers at Club Pearl act like suitors. The Lady is used to being treated well and with respect. She is also used to getting gifts or other tokens of their esteem. If you are basically a penniless suitor, keep in mind what the competition does and be creative in offering her interesting and alluring alternatives.
- Wooing one Lady into an unpaid encounter and then hiring another at full price will be considered extremely rude. Suitors do not cheat on their Ladies. If you are appealing to her feelings, you should respect those feelings.
- If you are trying to woo your Lady into a long term relationship, formally or not, you are truly in dangerous waters. No guidelines can be set, no advice given. You are on your own. In the worst case scenario, your attempts will be perceived as harassment.

All this can be summarized thusly: a courtesan is a capricious and jealous creature. She toys with her paying customers, and will most certainly do it with you. If you safely navigate her through the stormy seas of Seduction into the harbour of Gratification, you will not regret the efforts you made. If you are not prone to this game, however, a courtesan is not for you.

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