Thursday, June 12, 2008

ouf ! we found another Maid !

Lady Hagar was beyond herself when our last Maid left us. It does seem as if the post is a demanding one, for some reason, while in fact all these chits do is spend whole days on their back. Still, had to find a replacement. We found one, all right, but I'm not so sure about her. She looks like misschief, don't you think ?

Sirs, if I may indulge you for a short time.
My Name is Kington Lane, the daughter of a brave Naval Officer killed in the line of duty in the Dutch East Indies leaving a destitute wife in Australia. In order to survive she made a loveless marriage to a goldminer. She died in childbirth and I was forced to serve my stepfather and his brutal sons.
Eventually I escaped their clutches and found sanctuary with the wonderful Ladies of of Pearl. They have kindly taken me to their bosoms and allowed me to serve them and the wonderful Gentlemen visiting them.
Although I am not of as high birth as they, i can assure you that I am as refined in all aspecs of entertaining your Lordships.
If you have any wish or desire please do not hesitate to communicate them to me. I am experienced in all skills and have no limits except age play.
I am sure that you would have no complaints. My duties require me to make sure all nooks and crannies of Pearl are attended too and make sure the bedrooms are fully utilised and clean.
As your maid i not only serve food and beverage but any other service you may request.

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