Thursday, June 26, 2008

a call to Fun

Drama seems to be part of Second Life. As much as we hope to keep it from our doors, sooner or later it will come and pay its respects and refuse to take polite hints that it overstayed its welcome.

The matured lady or gentleman will recognize the oaf for what it is and accept with stoicism that little can be done except endure. There is always the hope that it suffocates in a cookie, so that it can be rushed off to hospital before it has the chance to recover.
The worst part is the aftermath. Either the cookie did it's patriotic duty, or a frustrated member of the household did something unspeakable and creative, or the unwanted guest got bored and left, but for a while one tends to crawl under the table when footsteps approach the door.

This , of course, will not do.
The guest is gone now, the blood cleaned away and the dog has stopped chasing its own tail and regained its old habit of chewing your leg. It is past.

All Drama is man made. All fun too.

Let's not forget that, besides the worries whether or not your curtsy isn't too shallow for an earl, we are supposed to have fun at it. So, after diligently discussing the finer points of etiquette, or roleplaying a courtesan's hapless suitor, it is good to have a moment and step away from it all. We wouldn't want you to start throwing the cutlery (in the correct order, granted) or chasing shops to find that eery suicide animation.

Ladies, gentlemen, we need to lighten up a bit, so the Pearl has decided to formally organize "Out Of Character" (OOC) events, where the roleplay is suspended for a while and you can mingle with the rest of the community without having to wonder whether the lengthy exhortations on the speeches of Ulysses Grant are roleplay or the clear sign of a deranged mind. You will know .

The first official OOC event wil be the beachparty, next wednesday. the ladies will flock to the group beach of the water sims we inhabit and for a few hours cease to be Victorian ladies. We will be waiting at the Pearl to sail you at its location (but you can always take the ortnithopter, of course ; course to Nags Head Surf Beach, Nags Head (210, 115, 25))
Take note that on Friday, I will hold a party to celebrate my rezzing day. That will be a roleplaying event and its location is a surprise. More on that will follow later

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Love and the Pearl

While courtesans have similarities to the working girl when it comes to negotiable affections, there are differences as well. As I am the philosophical one amongst the Ladies of Club Pearl dear Reader, I will take the time to list some of them for you.

A courtesan that has accepted your money will do everything in her power to suit your needs. Where you want and in whatever way you want. While she may set a higher price for some activities and may require you to purchase some of the necessary "tools", basically it is “no holds barred”. Your pleasure comes first. The courtesan sets pride in her ability to please, and will be upset with her apparent failure to do so.

On the other hand, the rules of conduct in the case you wish to try to SEDUCE a courtesan are a veritable minefield. The basic rule here is that the courtesan is the Merciless Goddess of Love. She determines what you can and cannot do, and it is up to the aspiring suitor to discover what the do's and don'ts are with his capricious Lady of choice. Generally, however, it will be considered correct and polite to obey the following guidelines:
- Most ladies are eager to chat. On the other hand, keeping a Lady locked in conversation and thereby effectively blocking her chances to get a paid encounter is a surefire way to displease her.
- Any tactic to waive a requested payment, either by haggling, luring the Lady away from the reception lounge of Club Pearl, referring to an earlier geste or largesse of the lady as if it were a precedent, or any other way for that matter, will call down the wrath of the goddess. It is terribly bad form to lead a Lady up to the point where she sets aside her modesty to propose her price, and then to treat her like a cheap whore.
- If the Lady accepts you, directly or indirectly, as a suitor, she is merely granting you the chance to woo her. She did not give you a reservation or a guarantee for her affections. If she mentions money after a while, you either misunderstood her intentions, or you have yet to succeed as a suitor. Either way, accept your fate gracefully and redouble your efforts. Do not, under any circumstance, start to argue.
- Keep in mind that the Lady will expect her suitors to please her. You are trying to make her give away some of her free time to you, time she associates with fun. Make sure your time with her is Fun. If she sees you as an impediment to that fun ...
- Remember that many paying customers at Club Pearl act like suitors. The Lady is used to being treated well and with respect. She is also used to getting gifts or other tokens of their esteem. If you are basically a penniless suitor, keep in mind what the competition does and be creative in offering her interesting and alluring alternatives.
- Wooing one Lady into an unpaid encounter and then hiring another at full price will be considered extremely rude. Suitors do not cheat on their Ladies. If you are appealing to her feelings, you should respect those feelings.
- If you are trying to woo your Lady into a long term relationship, formally or not, you are truly in dangerous waters. No guidelines can be set, no advice given. You are on your own. In the worst case scenario, your attempts will be perceived as harassment.

All this can be summarized thusly: a courtesan is a capricious and jealous creature. She toys with her paying customers, and will most certainly do it with you. If you safely navigate her through the stormy seas of Seduction into the harbour of Gratification, you will not regret the efforts you made. If you are not prone to this game, however, a courtesan is not for you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

.... and a new Lady

give a hearty welcome to our newest, Lady Mirjam Bekkers. May her beauty, cloths and her... assets wash away the somewhat doubtful odour (of tabacco)

Ohh, I can feel my cheeks are blushing at the thought of you reading this letter of introduction*
Let me introduce myself. I am Mirjam (mirjamm Bekkers), a young widow of a unfortunate Lord who passed away after a business misfortune. Until recently I enjoyed luxurious circumstances, living with my husband in a large house with wealth and possessions, and lacking nothing that my heart might desire. After his funeral i had to sell everything to pay his debts and had to find a job. I'm happy to find a place like the Pearl where the high standards still exists
I hope to meet nice gentleman and ladies here to forget my sadness and bring happiness in our lives. I thank you for your time in reading my letter of introduction and look forward to seeing you soon. For now Godspeed and farewell, please go with my warmest and heartfelt wish for your safe return.

another...maid .. hm.

Well, Kington did turn out alright. I admit I was sceptical, but I was wrong. But my thumbs are pricking violently on this one. Disa Korobase. Several pieces of prercious porcelain went missing, the whisky and sherry bottles seemed remarkedly more vacant this morning and the cook went into hiding. No, don't tell me that is a coincidence.

Dear Sir and or Lady,
my name is Disa and I'm a maid here at the club. Now I didn't want to be no maid when I come 'ere, but Miss Hagar don't think I'm near posh enough to be a "lady" or what she calls a "courtesan" so I's got to be a maid for a bit. No matter, I've been a maid before so I suppose I can do it again.
Now, I'm supposed to tell a bit about me and how I come here so here goes. I guess I ain't nearly so fancy as some of the ladies here. Ain't been brought up as hoitty toitty as some what's here but then I ain't come down like some have neither. Me mum was dead by the time I was 3 and I never knew my pa. I was raised by my "auntie", damn her soul, and enough ink wasted on her. I was placed in service when I was 7 year old, peeling spuds and general kitchen work for Mrs O'Casey, the only woman what done me a good turn. She was a kindly woman, cepting when she was drunk, and she made sure I learned to read, write and cipher some. At 13 I became a House Maid with Lord and Lady Ipswich and had hope of continuing in service and becoming a ladies maid or head housekeeper. Faint hope that! Christmas last, Boxing day to be exacte, young Lord Ipswich cornered me in the library, randy bugger! Well I can't say I was too unwilling and it was fun, but after a few months of the two of us dipping the wick as it were, ole Lady Ipswich caught wind of what her darling boy was about and that put paid to that. He was sent off packing to the colonies and I was sent packing.
Well, finding myself out on the street, and rather having enjoyed playing patty-cake with the young Lord, I thought the sportin life might provide a bit of fun and a way to make a living in this world, which is how I ended up here. Now, I may be a maid here for now but that don't mean I don't like a bit of fun now and then. Just remember Ladies and Gents;

When this girl kisses
She kisses so sweet,
She makes things stand
That have no feet.

Now don't be forgettin, even a maid needs to eat, so, making things stand will cost the standard fee and I won't be imitating no children so get that out of your horrid dirty mind.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Midsummer Eve at the Pearl

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post to this publication, wish me luck. I wonder what my good friend H. G. Wells would say about this modern marvel? Undoubtely he would claim he invented it.

On Friday June 20th, Pearl will celebrate the Summer Solstice. As befits that day we will open the gates to Faerie, and invite all the magical creatures from that realm to visit us. Elves, Fairies, Pixies, Nymphs and Satyrs will all be welcome. Especially the Satyrs. :-)

In order to make them feel at home, we are suspending our normal dress regulations. I encourage everyone to put one their most magical costumes for this special day.

While the entire day will be Faerie Friendly, we will be having a Solstice Ball from 2:00 pm SLT until 4:00 pm SLT. Please come and dance with your favorite Nymph, Devil or Pixie. Perhaps even let her lure you away to some special realm. But remember, Mortal who visit the Realm of Faerie often come back quite changed and unrecognizable to their friends.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Reviews Of The Restless Lady (2)

Chapter #2 : Pearl Activities

Most of our visitors have completely wrong Ideas about "The Pearl". Somehow they think that our lovely Club is just about one thing, THAT and nothing else.

Dear Reader, can you imagine what it means to us that from early in the morning until late in the night, many Gents come to see us, with only one obsession? You know what I mean?
Yes, Tea!
White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Black and Herbal teas and Tea Spas. All day long.
It is Exhausting!

But now, time has come to clarify things. Here in Pearl, you will find much more than just some Tea and lovely Ladies to enjoy it with. The Pearl has a lot to offer. We have indeed a large spectrum of terrific activities; let me introduce you to the most popular ones.

1. "Pearl's Poetic People Squad"

Comedy, History, Tragedy, Poetry. Everything goes, as long as it can be used against the author.


Eloquence, Sense of Sarcasm, Basics "Double entendre"
Meeting Point: Garden

Contact: Lord P

2. "Adepts of Apple Assault"

(Sub-organization of Newton's Knights)

They brave the laws of gravity, Dryads of the Future reunited!

Climbing Skills, Accuracy: Apples provided

Meeting Point: Oaktree

Contact: Lord S

3. "Kings of Canes"

A male Ballet preparing to prepare their new Musical "Canatopia".
The Pre
miere is announced for ... well, before WW-I we hope. After the Repetition they offer also an anonymous Support Group for any kind of Cane issues, whether technical or esthetical.

Own a Cane of "Gaslights
Emporium", some Attitude, have the Rhythm in your Blood and the Devil in your hips.
Meeting Point: Gent's Room

Contact: Sir P (he knows best which cane NOT to buy)

4. "Notorious Nautics"

It might snow, it may rain, nothing can withhold them to jump in and get the feet off the ground (...)


Bring a Towel, Boats are provided
Meeting Point: On the Docks
Contact: Lady A

5. "Veni Vedi Visa"

(aka Pearl's "Fashion-police" or "Inventory Invaders")

You have a question, you need advice or even a complete makeover? Consult us!

Constructive Criticism, Provide a prove that you own at least 65 pairs of shoes, 38 wigs, 327 Gowns/Tuxedos & 15 Hats. Also you will have to be able to name the
Mainstore-Location for 5 random Brands.
Meeting Point:
Lady's Room

: Lady B

6. "Passive Progressives"

The brightest under the most gifted in Pearl, but they will never tell you. Brave the laws of nature and technic, there are no problems, only solutions!

High-Speed Connections, Provide EEG

Meeting Point: Parlour
Contact: Lady H

7. "Fellows of the Filthy Fountain"

Anonymous fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover. FFF is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy, neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Their primary purpose is to help themselves and help others to achieve healing.

Requirements: Be obsessed

Meeting Point: *Top Secret* - See
Contact: Sir *coughs*

8. "Frenetic Framers"
Everyone knows them, those people who spend hours with their frames, always complaining & permanently updating the content but as soon as they "reload", they consider it already outdated.

Own a Frame, Be Nimble, Advanced Drag'n Drop Level

Meeting Point: Hallway

Contact: Lord A

9. "Pandora's FanClub"

Flapping Feathers, hidden smiles, whispered secrets ... nothing remains unspoken behind this exquisite asseccory

Requirements: Own a Fan made out of digestable material, no speed limitation (less than 70bpm will not be accepted)
Meeting Point: Bench
Contact: Ladly L

Dear Reader, now THIS is the true spirit of Pearl ... people that enjoy themselves, each in his very own way. Your Group is missing? Please contact me asap to be registered and added to the Listing.

And of course, if none of these activities seems of any interest to you, you are always welcome to get some Tea for two or three or even four. Milk and Sugar provided.

Be shiny, be bright, be PEARL!

To be continued ... says Lady Luna and curtsies awkwardly

Friday, June 13, 2008

the Pearl Regata : the Dunking Ladies

We didn't reach the preset goal of 8 sails, I'm afraid. Only 3 ships in the running, but that still makes a contest, so we mustn't complain. It is only the first edition of the Regatta, after all.
By sheer good fortune the 3 captains managed to coax the Lady of their hearts into their boats, ensuring themselves of furious and determined support.

The start was a bit chaotic. I attempted to explain the use of beeper and beackon, but gave up when gents and ladies alike packed at the docks and ships were zipping back and forth, crashing into each other and the big sailer at the other side of the harbour. Lady S even took seat in Lord S's boat, earning her a stern reproval of me (I must admit I might have used less profane expressions) .
Lady Bella, by rearranging parts of her wonderful bathing suit, managed to attract the attention of the gents and subsequently got them arrayed at the starting line. Spirits were high, even to the edge of propriety, as the green balls that served as beepers were thrown to the passengers of the other boats.
At the start signal, the boats jumped forward. Lord S immediately made good way, followed closely by Lord J. Both passed checkpoints 2 and 3 without trouble, but after that Lord J's boat capsized, losing first his Lady and then the vessel in the process. Both him and his lady were fished up and brought to the Pearl to recover with a few gallons of tea. Lord E's barge at that point was nowhere to be seen, causing much reflection on the doings of its crew.
No longer pursued by Lord J, Lord S's vessel proceeded to checkpoint 4, losing a few minutes in the labyrinthine sea passages of Emerald Isle, but making good headway to the Pearl docks. Starting its second lap still uncontested (as no other barge had made it to checkpoint 4) , Lord S met up with Lord E near checkpoint 2, at which point it's female crew member decided to get back her own for words spoken earlier. She yelled fiery encouragements at her gentleman , who blasted the vessel forward and lo and behold, the two sails were contesting each others right to move first. The ladies cheerfully pelted beepers at each other, causing grunts and outcries of pain to accompany the hiss of the keels cutting surf.
Finally, a well aimed beeper hit me on the head and I tumbled backwards into the water near checkpoint 3. After circling around a few times to see whether I was doing well , my loud exclamations after I surfaced (involving some descriptives about the gender of Lady Fortuna) reassured them and they jumped forward on their course.

Lord S recovered me, and after drying up a bit with towels we found in the vessel, we decided to continue. Lord E was still a lap behind when he took off, so even while we had lost some of the advantage, we felt we owed it to ourselves to finish. Racing ahead, we reached checkpoint 4 and finally made it back to the docks, where we were hailed as the winners.
It appeared that Lord E's vessel had sunk and that its crew was swimming the rest of the course.
They took quite a while in doing so, but I guess , knowing Lady S's determination, they both swam the first and the second lap.

text by Lady Hagar , pictures by Lady Luna

The Regatta rules

This is the map that shows the sailing route (click on it to see a larger version). the regatta starts at the docks of the Pearl Island, from where you sail North to the "Bogue Inlet" sim, where you must sail close to the south coast of the island.
From there you sail West to the "Fulker Island" sim, where once again, you must sail close to its southern coast. After that you sail due South, to the southcoast of the south-East island in the "Emeral Island" sim . Last sweep is from here, back to the docks of the Pearl.

the entire parcours must be sailed two times. This takes about 30 minutes. Winner is the contestant that passed all beackons succesfully and is the first to be hailed by the beackon at the Pearl Docks after the second lap.

To subscribe, pay 500L to Lady Bella. You will be handed a modest sailing boat and instructions about its use. You will get a "beeper", a small green ball that you must wear throughout the contest. Failing to do so will only result in you losing the contest, as the beackons placed along the route will no longer "see" you. We will test the good working order of your beeper before start.

You must next choose the coulours of a Lady, who will be your passenger. Ladies are picked on a forst-come-first-served basis. The Lady that accompanies you does not have to be your "prize" afterwards, so if you were just too late in asking that particular Lady, no need to fret.
Once that is done, take to your boats, but do NOT hoist the sails until Bella screams the starting signal. After that, sail away.

How you sail is up to you. You must only make sure that you pass the four numbered checkpoints , shown on the map. At these spots we placed a "beackon", that will shout your name if you pass it close enough. This will be your audible cue that you succesfully made it at a checkpoint. If you miss it, you are disqualified. The beackon will send a message to the contest leaders, so whether or not you reached the checkpoint will be known instantly.

Good luck , sir and godspeed

Thursday, June 12, 2008

ouf ! we found another Maid !

Lady Hagar was beyond herself when our last Maid left us. It does seem as if the post is a demanding one, for some reason, while in fact all these chits do is spend whole days on their back. Still, had to find a replacement. We found one, all right, but I'm not so sure about her. She looks like misschief, don't you think ?

Sirs, if I may indulge you for a short time.
My Name is Kington Lane, the daughter of a brave Naval Officer killed in the line of duty in the Dutch East Indies leaving a destitute wife in Australia. In order to survive she made a loveless marriage to a goldminer. She died in childbirth and I was forced to serve my stepfather and his brutal sons.
Eventually I escaped their clutches and found sanctuary with the wonderful Ladies of of Pearl. They have kindly taken me to their bosoms and allowed me to serve them and the wonderful Gentlemen visiting them.
Although I am not of as high birth as they, i can assure you that I am as refined in all aspecs of entertaining your Lordships.
If you have any wish or desire please do not hesitate to communicate them to me. I am experienced in all skills and have no limits except age play.
I am sure that you would have no complaints. My duties require me to make sure all nooks and crannies of Pearl are attended too and make sure the bedrooms are fully utilised and clean.
As your maid i not only serve food and beverage but any other service you may request.

a welcome to Lady Amalthea

Dear Reader,
Namaste thank you for taking interest in my card and welcome to Club Pearl. My name is Amalthea McMahon and I'm the only daughter of Ambassador Richard McMahon and Lady Emma. I was lucky enough to grow up in the lush splendour of our newest addition to the British Empire ... India.
Due to the high position of our family we were priviliged to walk in and out of the magically oriental palaces with their cooling fountains, blooming gardens and exotic wild animals. It was in one of these gardens with their strutting peacocks and carved marble pavillions that I met the Maharajah.
We spent a few hours in his gardens in delightful conversation about arts and music. It seems I made quite an impression on him because soon after he was sending gifts every now and then and even sent his best artist to do a picture.
Honored by all this my father consented to the Maharaja's request for making me part of his court. And thus my downfall began. The tender affection the monarch felt for me at the beginning flared up into something bigger, once he saw me everyday. His words got more fiery, his gestures demanding. His wives watched us, giggling, afterwards giving me advice ... about what he likes and what not. .. usuful things if I was to become his ... They thaught me the art of pleasing a man in every possible way.
Alas. Once he noticed the Maharajah's obsession with me, my father decided to send me back home out of harm's way. But the exotic world of india had lit a spark in me that could not be extinguished; I wanted to try what I had learnt and live the dreams that had haunted me.
So.... I broke all bonds and came to the Pearl to prove that I'm worthy for a Maharajah.

Pearls At Dusk

And here we are again, another wonderful, bright morning in the Pearl.
The Last Gentleman tiptoed out of the Club just some moments ago,
the early birds greet happily twittering the rising sun,
& in the staircase floats a smell of burned Toast.

Kington takes care of the spiderwebs

meanwhile some Ladies block the Bathroom

others try to organize coffee in buckets
(and actually get away with it)

Probably you'll see strange silhouettes haunting the Ballroom

and peek on some Ladies during their morning Toilette

When you walk towards the quarters,
you hear some noises behind the doors
and suddenly a female voice yelling :
"My wardrobe, god help, i was robbed!"

You wonder what this much excitement is all about?
Well ... let me tell you!

We're the pleasures of the nighttime that fade at dawn,
selling treasures of the nighttime til night is gone.
And then when the party's over, everybody's gone away,
we stare at an empty day - what is there to do or say?
Nighttime is where we live,
night is when we give everything we have to give.
Most lovers can rejoice, we don't have a choice,
we just know we have to give.

We hereby announce proudly our next upcoming event:
A night at the Moulin Rouge
(11th July 2008 from 12:00 - 15:00)So let's bring on the men and let the fun begin a little touch of sin why wait another minute step this way its time for us to play they say we may not pass this way again so lets waste no more time Bring on the men We always knew, We always said a silk and lace in black and red will drive a man right off his head, its easy They break your heart they steal your soul take you apart and yet they somehow make you whole so whats their game I suppose a rose by any other name the perfume and the prick's the same

Sunday, June 8, 2008

introducing Lady Anne

A new lady at last. And isn't she sweet ? Already I'm negotiating the price for a bodyguard for her , as I suspect Ladies adn gents alike will storm the walls the get at her.
And you may take those words any way you like .....

Dearest Sir or Madam. Welcome to the Pearl. Thank you kindly for taking the time to read my letter. Hopefully it will give you some insight into my life and character.

By way of introduction, I (Annie Sohl) am the daughter and only child of a well known Irish writer and a Scottish mother. My upbringing included schooling in the arts of music, writing, and painting, as well as the importance of good conversational skills. Tragically both of my parents died young and I was sent to live with a rather cruel and stern Aunt. Only recently I have managed to escape her household and live on my own.
Having been so sheltered, I have had much to learn about social interactions and the ways of the world. It has been a difficult journey for me, but I have learned much and have managed to keep my dignity and place in society intact. Happily, the Ladies of The Pearl have welcomed me with open arms. I find the company of gentlemen and other ladies most enjoyable and love to entertain people in a variety of environments and places. Bringing a smile to another's face gives me great pleasure. Singing, dancing, and walking in the garden under a starry sky are favorite activities of mine.while I enjoy in all sorts of sports, I draw the line at age play. So please don't ask.
Please accept my sincere thanks for taking the time to read my letter of introduction. I hope that I will have the opportunity to meet you soon. In the meanwhile, enjoy your time at the Pearl and visit us whenever your busy schedule permits.

Sincerely, Annie Sohl

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hagar's sub

"But madam, the garden is too small for it !"

Staff can be ridiculously petulant at times, especially when they are right. I mean, I love and respect Lady Pearl, the girls 's doing a great job, and I feel very close to her at times, but when she feels she is stating the obvious, she can be a real pain.

" No it is not. she will serve me best in the garden."
" Madam, the size ..."
" careful with what you are saying !"
" oh, Madam, she won't be sensitive to that !"

Not just pedantic, but indifferent as well. With a sub comes responsability for its wellfare, which includes protection from desensitized staff. So I dismissed Pearl with a regal nod, a gesture she has learnt to dread in the mean time, although she still can't refrain from sticking out her tongue behind my back.

There was work to be done ! Proper initiation prepared, instructions clarified and so on and so forth. You all know the drill. I fed her as per instruction, but the ungrateful chit refused to budge after that. Now, everyone can testity my patience in such matters, but if one doesn't get tough and firm from the very beginning, only tears can come from it. So I kicked her a few times and after some hesitation and lots of hacking and coughing, she started to move.
she ran smoothly after that.

I was just admiring her fittings, when Lady Joulle and Lady Anske barged in to admire my purchase. There was lots of cooing and hopping up and down in the cushions and of course they wanted a demonstration.

"Isn't she a bit heavy ..." Joulle ventured
" Now now, don't you start that debate again !" I said calmly, but biting firmly in my horsewhip.
" Well, it sure looks as if those blades ..." Anske started.
" She's a sub, alright ? " I replied with a smile , " And given the proper attention she can go deep ! But I intend to make her fly too."

Both claimed that this was impossible, so I offered a demonstration. No need to ask that twice, and both ran around like chickens , feeling the pluche, trying out the buttons and being a nuissance overall. They hardly took notice ! So my baby and I got tired of such indifference and dumped them at sea. They swam safely home, although they were a bit disgruntled after that, but hey ! When I get a sub working for them, they should pay attention.

Now here is a pic of her. Admit it boys. Isn't she a steal ?

Reviews of the Restless Lady (1)

Chapter #1 : Fatima's Dreams

After having spent the morning by washing and ironing her handkerchiefs, performing some Flamenco and sorting her Thigh Highs, Lady Luna came to the conclusion that a quiet morning can be rather relaxing, but not very distracting. Since nobody seemed to be in need of a cup of tea or a slice of Lady Hagar's delicious radiating cake, Lady Luna decided to put on her walking dress, holster her incredibly high-tech Tripod Camera and to follow her favorite Lady-boss's advice: "Go and make sense of your life"

After preparing some Roast-beef-Sandwiches and stealing two Apples from Lady Anske's Apple-tree, she switched off the lights in Club Pearl, carefully closed the doors and took off, happily humming her favourite tune about what is to be found under a Scotsman quilt.

First stop on her adventure was "Montagnes Noires" in the Village of "Fatima's Desire". A new Shop that opened his doors very recently and our exploring Lady was told by Lady B. (names shortened in order to protect the innocent) that Lady S. heard of Lady J. who saw Lady A. actually enter there and ...

Well, so Lady Luna decided to inspect that famous shop with her very own eyes. In order not to appear as lost soul and to encounter some not-so-well intended Gentlemen, Lady Luna invited a friend of hers to join. Once inside the shop, they just had time to figure out that prices were reasonable and dresses rather ... basic, when suddenly they were surprised by a member of the "Antique" High Society, Lady Arundel herself. Whilst exchanging polite chatter, they came to the conclusion that Lady Arundel comes to be a very charming person even though only OUR Lady A. seems to appreciate her designs.

They continued their way to the shop next door, which was an experience on his own, since the door appeared to be missing. Once they entered by pure coincidence, it proved to be an embarrasment to the local economy. The Idea of "Get less than you expect for more than you think" was applied throughout the shop. Four tables, each holding three items of suspect origins.

Rather upset about such a waste of space Lady Luna almost lost hold of her senses and was manhandled by her friend away and into the village, where joy was quickly restored as soon as they came to find the "Wunderlich" shop .

Embroidered bustles, Strip-able Historic underwear, Garnet Velvet and Mourning Dresses. Very nice items for reasonable prices. More and more cute little Boutiques were found, each one offering very nice Gifts. They received Flowers, an Antique Necklace, a Blouse and even an Armchair (which will be sent to Pearl with the next available Ferry).

Unfortunately, for our Gents there won't be much to see aside an 1929 Plymouth Phantom

Short excursions to the nearby islands can be done, but as bottom Line I'd like just to add that lots of Patience is required when taking the Trip. Oh and of course, preview a Picnic, the local gastronomes aren't really present yet and a little bidding in the nearby church didn't help either.

I scarcely know where to go, but I shall lead as best I may.
Be well, sincerely yours: Lady Luna

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

old glories etc ... (2)

We thought we had lost her, but the ugly black hole at the entrance has once again been filled up with her friendly face. Give a cheer for Madame Jill Howley !

Thank you for accepting my card and taking the time to read it.
Should you choose to write me, please know that I would be honoured to make the acquaintance of the discerning and imaginative gentleman, who would enjoy the company of an educated young lady. I was brought up in a fine Anglo-Irish house brought low by the sad events witnessed and suffered by my people. Surrounded since girlhood by the vicissitudes of economic misfortune, I have taken my refuge in books and tales of Romance, Peril, and the Gothick. I would rather tremble in the arms of a villain intent upon seduction, or swoon in the embrace of a valiant knight, than let my mind languish upon the meagre presents of my former estate..
So, let your fancy guide you where it will, Sir, and you will find me ready to follow...I will gladly entertain those themes and creatures of the imagination which most inspire you.

old glories are coming back....

a hearty welcome to Sylvia FitzPatrick, who, after supporting the Pearl with her presence for a very long time, was absent for a few weeks. She has returned into the bosom of the Sorority.

Dear Esteemed Reader,
I am Sylvia Fitzpatrick, a young lady of good family; Father was with the foreign office in India, the family estate in Ireland. Please accept these worthless momentos for kindly enquiring about me:
I had an idyllic childhood, initially at our homes in Ireland and London then cared for by my ayah in India until my parents decided I should be sent back to London to an establishment renowned for turning out polished young ladies fit for marriage in high society, favoured by many families based in the colonies, as a finishing school in preparation for my coming out. After my initial homesickness, I settled in well and worked hard to please my tutors. Amongst these was Monsieur F…, the French Music and Arts Master, who early on singled me out as having great potential and artistic talent. My parents were delighted and gladly agreed to the extra personal tuition offered to add to the accomplishments of their talented daughter.
I was an innocent, Sir, ignorant of the world and the ways of such men. M. F…took me to his studios each evening, showing me fine drawings and paintings to inspire me and encouraged me to consider my own life drawing skills. I was initially so shy, but he was patient and persuasive and rewarded me when I eventually allowed him full reign to his artistic talents. He slowly trained me to be skilful in everything I do to best please, to be dextrous, observant and creative, instructed me into the pleasures of the flesh, giving me skills I should not have, desires I did not understand, could not control. He was indeed a perfectionist, insisting I repeat an exercise over and over until he was satisfied. He was stern and often chastised me most vigorously when I was recalcitrant, disobedient or did not meet his exacting standards, often until I was faint with the pleasure of it- a skilful man. I became a most willing student and soon looked forward to my extra tuition, feeling excited and hot as the time approached.
One evening we were unexpectedly interrupted by the Principle, Dame S….After some discussion between them, I was taken to her study and soundly punished for my behaviour- I was bewildered, tearful. She informed that I should be expelled and I would be a disgrace to my family but because they wished to spare me this, they proposed that I should leave forthwith, no longer to share the dormitory with my fellow students, to continue my studies privately under their supervision. Distraught I accepted all trustingly, to protect the family name. Between them I would acquire the polish I needed to enter society. Little did I realise the society they had planned for me.
They proposed an exhibition for an invited group of connoisseurs to view my artistic progress. That first evening following my exhibition, I was drawn aside by a tall elegant gentleman who quietly suggested that perhaps I should leave my education and use my undoubted talents at a discreet establishment he knew in London. I left with only the clothes I wore, a love of art and music and talents unusual in one so sheltered. Thus I came to the Club Pearl. My artistic skills are undoubted and gain renown amongst the privileged cognoscenti. I am educated and articulate Dear Reader, a grown woman, love to weave a story for you, skilled, subtle and passionate, occasionally disobedient. I guarantee that our time together conversing will be stimulating and enjoyable for us both. I can be tender and loving or stern and demanding, as you desire.