Wednesday, June 18, 2008

.... and a new Lady

give a hearty welcome to our newest, Lady Mirjam Bekkers. May her beauty, cloths and her... assets wash away the somewhat doubtful odour (of tabacco)

Ohh, I can feel my cheeks are blushing at the thought of you reading this letter of introduction*
Let me introduce myself. I am Mirjam (mirjamm Bekkers), a young widow of a unfortunate Lord who passed away after a business misfortune. Until recently I enjoyed luxurious circumstances, living with my husband in a large house with wealth and possessions, and lacking nothing that my heart might desire. After his funeral i had to sell everything to pay his debts and had to find a job. I'm happy to find a place like the Pearl where the high standards still exists
I hope to meet nice gentleman and ladies here to forget my sadness and bring happiness in our lives. I thank you for your time in reading my letter of introduction and look forward to seeing you soon. For now Godspeed and farewell, please go with my warmest and heartfelt wish for your safe return.

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