Wednesday, June 18, 2008

another...maid .. hm.

Well, Kington did turn out alright. I admit I was sceptical, but I was wrong. But my thumbs are pricking violently on this one. Disa Korobase. Several pieces of prercious porcelain went missing, the whisky and sherry bottles seemed remarkedly more vacant this morning and the cook went into hiding. No, don't tell me that is a coincidence.

Dear Sir and or Lady,
my name is Disa and I'm a maid here at the club. Now I didn't want to be no maid when I come 'ere, but Miss Hagar don't think I'm near posh enough to be a "lady" or what she calls a "courtesan" so I's got to be a maid for a bit. No matter, I've been a maid before so I suppose I can do it again.
Now, I'm supposed to tell a bit about me and how I come here so here goes. I guess I ain't nearly so fancy as some of the ladies here. Ain't been brought up as hoitty toitty as some what's here but then I ain't come down like some have neither. Me mum was dead by the time I was 3 and I never knew my pa. I was raised by my "auntie", damn her soul, and enough ink wasted on her. I was placed in service when I was 7 year old, peeling spuds and general kitchen work for Mrs O'Casey, the only woman what done me a good turn. She was a kindly woman, cepting when she was drunk, and she made sure I learned to read, write and cipher some. At 13 I became a House Maid with Lord and Lady Ipswich and had hope of continuing in service and becoming a ladies maid or head housekeeper. Faint hope that! Christmas last, Boxing day to be exacte, young Lord Ipswich cornered me in the library, randy bugger! Well I can't say I was too unwilling and it was fun, but after a few months of the two of us dipping the wick as it were, ole Lady Ipswich caught wind of what her darling boy was about and that put paid to that. He was sent off packing to the colonies and I was sent packing.
Well, finding myself out on the street, and rather having enjoyed playing patty-cake with the young Lord, I thought the sportin life might provide a bit of fun and a way to make a living in this world, which is how I ended up here. Now, I may be a maid here for now but that don't mean I don't like a bit of fun now and then. Just remember Ladies and Gents;

When this girl kisses
She kisses so sweet,
She makes things stand
That have no feet.

Now don't be forgettin, even a maid needs to eat, so, making things stand will cost the standard fee and I won't be imitating no children so get that out of your horrid dirty mind.

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