Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A midsummer night

It is the end of a busy day and I am making my almost daily stop at the club. It is always a pleasure to spend the last hour before I go to sleep with the ladies of the Pearl. Be it for conversation, dancing or more. But more often than not to just enjoy the company of the wonderful people I am privileged to call my friends.

Today however all is quiet. I walk through the parlor, the corridor and into the ballroom. The paintings tell their stories as they have done so many times and the piano breathes silence with nobody around to enjoy it moody melodies.

After a few minutes contemplating pleasant memories I return to the garden. I close the door, sweep the fallen leaves from the porch and greet the gentleman that appears out off nowhere on the lawn only for him to vanish into thin air again so quickly it makes me question whether he was actually ever there.

It is a lovely quiet night indeed. I smile and resign to the fact that tonight Club Pearl is an oasis of silence and solitude, knowing that another day will bring another night.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Herald article

The pearl has appeared in the "Second Life Herald" ! Be sure to take a peek at the interview and Kris Diboux's rather naughty intermixture with a hilarious discussion at Antiquity. I am not sure people other than Antiquarians (or Pearl veterans) understand the joke, but we are here to explain it, if need be

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Moulin Rouge !

Lady Hagar was too busy working on the elevators, giving new meaning to the concept of cursing, as bits of her flew back and forth when yet another transporter box slammed into the ground after a journey up to 4000m. Apparenly she mastered the "punk", but not yet the "steam".
So it was up to me again to write a report on the Pearl's lastest event : a Moulin Rouge evocation.

As usual, I did some interviews and came to the conclusion, that all participants were extatic about the show. Organized by Ladies Luna and Amalthea, who also viewed it as their goodbye present to their friends at the Pearl, everything showed their meticulous preparation. There are also numerous pictures of the event. It's hard to choose from them, but as the saying goes, they hold a lot more than words.

The event started with a performance on a specially constructed dais by four ladies (from left to right Hagar, Luna, Amalthea and Bella) all in "adapted" dress. That got some feverish applause from the audience and yes, you are right, Amalthea WAS babbling and giggling all the time .

Lady Luna left her otherwise impeccable decorum in the rack, commenting on Bella's inclination to kick her legs in the air at inappropriate moments "Surely, if we can, can't you stay in line too?" which for some reason got a loud giggle from Lady Amalthea.

Well, there was opportunity enough to kick legs and scream whilst showing bloomers. In this picture , Lady hagar was not really kicking at Luna's head (although she does seem to have something naughty in mind, don't you agree ? )

It was after the thunderous applause (that woke up the cleaning staff in the rafters, making them whine and complain to me afterwards, but does anybody care that I am the one that has to soothe and bribe ) that Lady Hagar anounced, to everybody's dismay, that she was going to sing. Lady Luna, temporarily nonplussed, eventually offered the unencumbered use of her slaves if the Lady would see fit to postpone her intent. But alas, not even the whimpers of Bella or the general stampede for the doors could deter the Lady. She retreated behind the dais for a few minutes, too short for the impromptu crisis meeting to come up with practical answers to the situation.

When lady Hagar reappeared, however, those that were forced to stay felt their jaws dropping and their voices utter oohs and aaahhs. Her dress was a wonder to behold and although it inspired the nickname "turkey outfit", surely it was glamerous enough tho lure back the gents that peeked cautiously from the clocks, vases and umbrella stands in which they had hidden themselves.
Fact remained that the lady was going to sing; I hastily summoned the servants to go and chase away the birds from the island, as I was not looking forward to have to deal again with offcial investigations into mysterious bird mortality at the Pearl.
But a natural catastrophy was avoided : the lady sang but withheld from her usual operatic ambitions. Together with the choice of the songs (befitting the theme), her briny voice was even oddly appropriate.
As it is, i will not quote from her songs, as that pleasure is reserved to those present. They are far too carnal to quote from anyway. The lady got a deserved applause from the audience, although lady Bella shot increasingly vitrolic looks,as the songs progressed in lewdness.
After that it was Bella's moment to steal the show, and steal it she did, with a nice performance on top of the piano. the only minus was that the gents constantly shifted position to have a better view.

After that staff and visitors mingled for a dance and lots of musings were exchanged on the meanings of Hagar's songs and the textures on Bella's bloomers. The event was protracted after that, as the gents demanded encores. I will therefore add some more pictures, in which you will recognize Lady Josie, as she joined in.

The visitors showed their appreciation by showering the present staff with tips. And that was the end of a very succesful event. All present enjoyed themselves.

Many thanks go to the two Organisers, Lady Luna and Lady Amalthea who sadly have to leave the Pearl as RL has its merciless hold on them. Both might eventually haveto leave SL for a while, but at present you can still reach them.

And, as always, you can leave your comments below.

a new arrival : Dunny Exonar

And we have been blessed with another addition, ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome lady Dunny.

Esteemed Sir or Madam,
please receive my kindest thanks for reading my introductory note. The thought alone of having my portrait and personal history exposed at this place makes my cheeks flush with excitement. I do hope it will be a worthwhile read and assure you that your attention is most warmly received.
But lest I digress too far, allow me to lose some words on my humble self. I was born the daughter of a wealthy financier in the lovely city of Zurich. Remembering my childhood brings fond memories of carelessness and playfulness under the guidance of my Mother and Nanny who took wonderful care of me. However as I approached womanhood, my father thought it proper to send me to a catholic boarding school governed by nuns with a strict regime of prayer and corporal discipline.
Being spirited and not of a religious persuasion, I was a frequent subject to the latter, making my schooling a less pleasant experience each day. I found comfort only in the sweet feelings I have developed for a young priest who began holding Sunday mass while I was in my senior year. I still hope I looked devout and attentive in mass, while my thoughts were of a nature far removed from any innocence.
Alas, these feelings should shape my destiny ... a mere week before turning 19 and being set free from the ghastly discipline imposed on me, I shyly approached him after mass and talked him into meeting me behind the school house. Unfortunately one of the nuns must have overheard our talking and surprised us the instant we touched each other. Having shamed my school and family I found myself shunned and expelled by both, aimlessly wandering the streets in search for a way to make a living.At the height of my despair I arrived at a place called 'The Pearl'. Taking together all my courage I entered and was surprised by a warm welcome and an offer of being able to take care of myself and to experience everything I have dreamed about in mass all the time.
You will find me curious, spirited and eager to please you in many ways. I am excited about new experiences and acquaintances of both Ladies and Gentlemen, however I hold children in very high regard and will not discuss or act out ageplay in any way.

welcome to loveliness : Lady Clags

Newly arrived to this house, but no stranger to the House, please welcome lady Clags Willis. The great lady was Madame in earlier days, when Contessa Susan still held the House upright (yes, gentlemen, and not only the house, you are right).
With the arrival of this Grande Dame, the crown of longest standing.. (ehrm, well, yes.... I wish Lady Hagar had been writing this) service might have to be passed on. She refused to engage in "bean counting", though.
Normally not lost in words, the lady has so far not put her personal history on paper, wich I will promise to publish as soon as she penned it down. The Pearl's cognorati assure me how ever, that she is a Lady of many skills and can tell funny anecdotes that reach even farther back than lady Hagar's.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hagar's Rezz Day

It has been a while since I posted, as administration is a demanding occupation, but Lady Hagar joined me this morning and said "Somebody ought to make a report on my rez day party". Having had experience in such matters, esteemed audience, I knew that 'somebody' always refers to a randomly selected and hapless member of the people within earshot of such a sentence. As we were alone, and Lady Hagar was whispering, and she didn't look like taking up the pen herself, I knew I was doomed.
"But I wasn't there !" I declared by way of Last Heroic Stand.
"Nonsense! I'll dictate what you will write." I refrained from pointing out that this would result in a report of doubtful credibility; our beloved Lady had that "make my day" look in her eyes I have come to love so much, especially when used on annoying gate crashers. So I took pains not to sigh and accepted the package of papers she had prepared. I soon noted that it would not do. Not only was it too long, but it was full of tearful reminiscences of days gone by and some of the details related in it were totally unfit for publication (especially the incident in a furniture shop involving three ladies, two gents and a cheap dress budget). So I took what seemed relevant to the subject at hand, i.e the party itself, and discreetly checked some of the stated facts. As you know from Hagar's notices, she is a changeling, whose exact elf descent was recently revealed in what I can only describe as a will. In this document she was named sole heir of the family estate. Having been invited for an offical reception in the property, our Madame decided to extend this invitation to members and friends and use the opportunity to have a rez day ball.
I have seen pictures and , to be honest, words like 'opulence', 'decadence' and 'exotic' sprang to mind. Hardly the 'country estate' that was referred to. Such blatant richesse is not my cup of tea, but the guests were all lyrical in their descriptions, so I will refrain from further comment.
The garden, on the other hand, was truly magnificent, and lent itself perfectly for the ball. The company also indulged itself wandering around the large , open aired halls, with its dance halls, pools, parlours and throne room. There were also rumours about a hidden basement, but Lady hagar didn't allow the company to investigate. Which brings us to the weirdest aspect of the event : Lady Hagar's determination to view the place as a fairy tale palace. The open shower in the garden was a 'rain shelter ', the hottub a 'tropical aquarium', the glass floor of the dance hall that left nothing to the imagination as to what could be discerned from below, a 'lifelike picture of the garden'. The woman even invented a new and quite large species of bird to fit in the slave cages in the throne room. We can only guess at the explanation she would have conjured up to explain the horrid bed in the tower room. But it never came to that, fortunately. I guess we all secretly dream of being revealed as the kidnapped daughter (or son) of a mighty prince, and when this dream unexpectedly materialized for the otherwise levelheaded Madame, she went to extreme lengths to protect this fantasy. As to me, it seems that Hagar's family seems to have enjoyed their wealth.

All in all, it added to the general amusement. People danced , they rested on the many seats and chatted about the past year. Lady hagar had hidden three special copies of the replublished first issue of the original "Pearl Magazine" and these were duly hunted down and found. All participants acknowledged that it was a fantastic event.
Which is sufficient in its own right. I will therefore conclude with a word from the lady herself :
" I heartily thank everyone that turned up at my rez day. Special thanks go to Lady Suzee, Mister BH, Mister SM, Lord S, sir P, Lady Olivea, Lady Keyah, Baylee, TW and Bunny who showered this undeserving changling with gifts, and to Lady Anske who lent us het dance poseballs. I also dedicate my party to anyone that had let his or her rez day pass unnoticed before mine. A great and heartfelt (and OOC) thank you goes to Rikki Falworth, who graciously allowed us to use her property to stage the event. I am very glad she returned to enjoy SL once more."

Text by Lady Hagar, vigorously adapted by Lady Pearl. Pictures by Lady Olivea.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

An evening on the beach

Dear friends of the Pearl,

Lady Anske had the excellent idea of organizing a beach party last Wednesday. I took the liberty of taking some pictures and posting a small summary of the evening. But as it was an OOC event it didn't seem right to publish it here.

So read about it here