Saturday, July 19, 2008

Moulin Rouge !

Lady Hagar was too busy working on the elevators, giving new meaning to the concept of cursing, as bits of her flew back and forth when yet another transporter box slammed into the ground after a journey up to 4000m. Apparenly she mastered the "punk", but not yet the "steam".
So it was up to me again to write a report on the Pearl's lastest event : a Moulin Rouge evocation.

As usual, I did some interviews and came to the conclusion, that all participants were extatic about the show. Organized by Ladies Luna and Amalthea, who also viewed it as their goodbye present to their friends at the Pearl, everything showed their meticulous preparation. There are also numerous pictures of the event. It's hard to choose from them, but as the saying goes, they hold a lot more than words.

The event started with a performance on a specially constructed dais by four ladies (from left to right Hagar, Luna, Amalthea and Bella) all in "adapted" dress. That got some feverish applause from the audience and yes, you are right, Amalthea WAS babbling and giggling all the time .

Lady Luna left her otherwise impeccable decorum in the rack, commenting on Bella's inclination to kick her legs in the air at inappropriate moments "Surely, if we can, can't you stay in line too?" which for some reason got a loud giggle from Lady Amalthea.

Well, there was opportunity enough to kick legs and scream whilst showing bloomers. In this picture , Lady hagar was not really kicking at Luna's head (although she does seem to have something naughty in mind, don't you agree ? )

It was after the thunderous applause (that woke up the cleaning staff in the rafters, making them whine and complain to me afterwards, but does anybody care that I am the one that has to soothe and bribe ) that Lady Hagar anounced, to everybody's dismay, that she was going to sing. Lady Luna, temporarily nonplussed, eventually offered the unencumbered use of her slaves if the Lady would see fit to postpone her intent. But alas, not even the whimpers of Bella or the general stampede for the doors could deter the Lady. She retreated behind the dais for a few minutes, too short for the impromptu crisis meeting to come up with practical answers to the situation.

When lady Hagar reappeared, however, those that were forced to stay felt their jaws dropping and their voices utter oohs and aaahhs. Her dress was a wonder to behold and although it inspired the nickname "turkey outfit", surely it was glamerous enough tho lure back the gents that peeked cautiously from the clocks, vases and umbrella stands in which they had hidden themselves.
Fact remained that the lady was going to sing; I hastily summoned the servants to go and chase away the birds from the island, as I was not looking forward to have to deal again with offcial investigations into mysterious bird mortality at the Pearl.
But a natural catastrophy was avoided : the lady sang but withheld from her usual operatic ambitions. Together with the choice of the songs (befitting the theme), her briny voice was even oddly appropriate.
As it is, i will not quote from her songs, as that pleasure is reserved to those present. They are far too carnal to quote from anyway. The lady got a deserved applause from the audience, although lady Bella shot increasingly vitrolic looks,as the songs progressed in lewdness.
After that it was Bella's moment to steal the show, and steal it she did, with a nice performance on top of the piano. the only minus was that the gents constantly shifted position to have a better view.

After that staff and visitors mingled for a dance and lots of musings were exchanged on the meanings of Hagar's songs and the textures on Bella's bloomers. The event was protracted after that, as the gents demanded encores. I will therefore add some more pictures, in which you will recognize Lady Josie, as she joined in.

The visitors showed their appreciation by showering the present staff with tips. And that was the end of a very succesful event. All present enjoyed themselves.

Many thanks go to the two Organisers, Lady Luna and Lady Amalthea who sadly have to leave the Pearl as RL has its merciless hold on them. Both might eventually haveto leave SL for a while, but at present you can still reach them.

And, as always, you can leave your comments below.

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