Saturday, July 19, 2008

a new arrival : Dunny Exonar

And we have been blessed with another addition, ladies and gentlemen. Please welcome lady Dunny.

Esteemed Sir or Madam,
please receive my kindest thanks for reading my introductory note. The thought alone of having my portrait and personal history exposed at this place makes my cheeks flush with excitement. I do hope it will be a worthwhile read and assure you that your attention is most warmly received.
But lest I digress too far, allow me to lose some words on my humble self. I was born the daughter of a wealthy financier in the lovely city of Zurich. Remembering my childhood brings fond memories of carelessness and playfulness under the guidance of my Mother and Nanny who took wonderful care of me. However as I approached womanhood, my father thought it proper to send me to a catholic boarding school governed by nuns with a strict regime of prayer and corporal discipline.
Being spirited and not of a religious persuasion, I was a frequent subject to the latter, making my schooling a less pleasant experience each day. I found comfort only in the sweet feelings I have developed for a young priest who began holding Sunday mass while I was in my senior year. I still hope I looked devout and attentive in mass, while my thoughts were of a nature far removed from any innocence.
Alas, these feelings should shape my destiny ... a mere week before turning 19 and being set free from the ghastly discipline imposed on me, I shyly approached him after mass and talked him into meeting me behind the school house. Unfortunately one of the nuns must have overheard our talking and surprised us the instant we touched each other. Having shamed my school and family I found myself shunned and expelled by both, aimlessly wandering the streets in search for a way to make a living.At the height of my despair I arrived at a place called 'The Pearl'. Taking together all my courage I entered and was surprised by a warm welcome and an offer of being able to take care of myself and to experience everything I have dreamed about in mass all the time.
You will find me curious, spirited and eager to please you in many ways. I am excited about new experiences and acquaintances of both Ladies and Gentlemen, however I hold children in very high regard and will not discuss or act out ageplay in any way.

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