Saturday, July 19, 2008

welcome to loveliness : Lady Clags

Newly arrived to this house, but no stranger to the House, please welcome lady Clags Willis. The great lady was Madame in earlier days, when Contessa Susan still held the House upright (yes, gentlemen, and not only the house, you are right).
With the arrival of this Grande Dame, the crown of longest standing.. (ehrm, well, yes.... I wish Lady Hagar had been writing this) service might have to be passed on. She refused to engage in "bean counting", though.
Normally not lost in words, the lady has so far not put her personal history on paper, wich I will promise to publish as soon as she penned it down. The Pearl's cognorati assure me how ever, that she is a Lady of many skills and can tell funny anecdotes that reach even farther back than lady Hagar's.

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Alweezin Paine said...

Lady Clags back again? That's awesome! Hope to see you soon.