Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A midsummer night

It is the end of a busy day and I am making my almost daily stop at the club. It is always a pleasure to spend the last hour before I go to sleep with the ladies of the Pearl. Be it for conversation, dancing or more. But more often than not to just enjoy the company of the wonderful people I am privileged to call my friends.

Today however all is quiet. I walk through the parlor, the corridor and into the ballroom. The paintings tell their stories as they have done so many times and the piano breathes silence with nobody around to enjoy it moody melodies.

After a few minutes contemplating pleasant memories I return to the garden. I close the door, sweep the fallen leaves from the porch and greet the gentleman that appears out off nowhere on the lawn only for him to vanish into thin air again so quickly it makes me question whether he was actually ever there.

It is a lovely quiet night indeed. I smile and resign to the fact that tonight Club Pearl is an oasis of silence and solitude, knowing that another day will bring another night.

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