Friday, October 3, 2008

We were slacking in updates on these pages, I know. The inevitable summer recess, many ladies and gents on vacation, the drop in traffic .. It should have been an invitation to spend the free time in the composition of new and provoking pieces of literature, but it was not meant to be. That doesn't mean nothing happened.

For those who did not keep visiting us loyally during those days , we may be persuaded to forgive you, on condition that you have returned into the bosom of our Sorority. If you did not, I can only repeat the words of one of our Ladies , whose name I shall not mention, "I will pelt them with my shoes. Don't wear the things anyway"'. To any of you who care to read these pages I will summarize some of the news of the past two months.

The Sorority itself was not at a standstill; ladies left and ladies came and one has the impression at times that staff has been completely replenished. We have not kept up at publishing the profiles of the newer ladies, the omission of which is entirely my responsability. I beg for forgiveness for this lapse, and I can only offer the weak defense that publishing seemed to be jinxed : many who appeared on these pages promptly disappeared within a few weeks. I will offer recompense for the oversight by now and then picking a new lady (preferably one who has shown the stabiloity to stay a few weeks) an interview. I know that Lady Luna used to "interview", but rest assured, you will not have to use this as a pretext to pick up your skirts and run when I produce pen and paper in your vicinity

The Ladies Hagar and Bella suffered mild bouts of hysteria, each time the reigning sim owner sold the sim in which the Grand House resides. Yes, our sim was sold two times in just a few weeks, and each time the sale was unanounced. As a result the sim is now called Invernaver, instead of Pamlico Sound, and the cosy collection of sailing sims of which it was a part is completely desintegrated. Today you can only sail in our sim, and we can no longer organize a Regatta. That is, not in our sim. We will have a Regatta again, be it in another location. Lady bella was quoted to have said "I want to dethrone the vixen and wipe that condescending smile of her demeanor" by which she might have been referring to the fact that Lady Hagar and Lord S won the two editions of the Pearl Regatta.

Lady Hagar's bout of restlessness (she was rumoured to have been running around in american native outfit for some reason) had its positive side efects : several games were added on the grounds : a chess board in the garden, a sheet shooting piste at the docks and a pool table in the upper parlour. All these games are playable and especially the skeet is very popular. We added a 7seas fishing spot at the docks too, but that's ..uh... for the people amongst us with a collecting disposition.

Lady Bella will now give regular fencing lessons on monday. Not only does she want to groom ladies and interested gents to form a fencing team and inspire fear in the harts of our opponents, but both she and Lady Hagar have given in to their overheated fantasy to organize n ... adapted... version of the En garde fencing match. More details will folow later.

I will leave it at that, for the time being, although not all has been related. But I need material for later publication, untiul Lady hagar can be persuaded to come down from the roof and start writing again. Do take a look at the Pearl Agenda, though. It's back from the dead and we already planned several events.

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