Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Truth and Dare

I love games, especially games with a twist, and that twist is a problem. The average fun loving crowd at the Pearl is quite used to naughty merriment, but privacy is nevertheless an important prerequisite. Group fun, while discussed with blushing cheeks and twinkling eyes, is something that has been rarely embarked upon. Yes, we do have events and there is always a saucy element, but never more than that.So, after having tried an impromptu "Truth or Dare" a few weeks ago, I was wondering if we could concoct a naughtier version of the game, not only with spiced up missions delt to the participants, but with an element of punishment for missions refused or botched.
Realizing that events are notoriously difficult to organize -people liking the freedom of movement in time and space SL offers, and thus resenting such barbaric constrictions such as a set date and time- I prepared myself for a quiet evening with a friend or two. I neverteless prepared a list of truths and dares that could pass muster for a first tryout, as even with friends one needs some passtime, preferably on topic.
Those who were present know what happened.
I was busy setting up the inimate Seduction skybox for the occasion, when Kington whistled through the speaking tube. I couldn't quite understand what was said with all the background noise, but I could discern a frantic note in her voice that seemed to suggest some urgency. A quick look out the window told me that a relocation was in order; at least 15 people were waiting, all looking upwards attentively. While Lady Bella coordinated the swift delivery of more sitting couches, I wrestled with the notion of hosting the first event at the Pearl that attracted more than 15 people (with exception maybe of the first edition of the Pearl Regatta).
Not having anticipated this, the unwinding of the event left a bit to be desired, but if any lessons were to be drawn from the experience, first and foremost among them was that naughtyness was in demand. I also suspect that part of the crowd showed up in the hope to hear juicy confessions kindred to the Dare I pulled at the precious T&D edition, and which involved feverish adventures with a mister J.
Three complaints were filed: a) Hagar didn't pull the right dares and Truths b) it took ages before everyone had its turn, and some participants fussed and dithered c) contemporary female fashion urgently needs to evolve to less components and a greater proneness to accidental breaking of buttons and hooks.
To those that were present : feel free to react to this article and give your opninion on how we could improve the next edition of this event. Thanks in advance for your positive criticism

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