Thursday, June 12, 2008

a welcome to Lady Amalthea

Dear Reader,
Namaste thank you for taking interest in my card and welcome to Club Pearl. My name is Amalthea McMahon and I'm the only daughter of Ambassador Richard McMahon and Lady Emma. I was lucky enough to grow up in the lush splendour of our newest addition to the British Empire ... India.
Due to the high position of our family we were priviliged to walk in and out of the magically oriental palaces with their cooling fountains, blooming gardens and exotic wild animals. It was in one of these gardens with their strutting peacocks and carved marble pavillions that I met the Maharajah.
We spent a few hours in his gardens in delightful conversation about arts and music. It seems I made quite an impression on him because soon after he was sending gifts every now and then and even sent his best artist to do a picture.
Honored by all this my father consented to the Maharaja's request for making me part of his court. And thus my downfall began. The tender affection the monarch felt for me at the beginning flared up into something bigger, once he saw me everyday. His words got more fiery, his gestures demanding. His wives watched us, giggling, afterwards giving me advice ... about what he likes and what not. .. usuful things if I was to become his ... They thaught me the art of pleasing a man in every possible way.
Alas. Once he noticed the Maharajah's obsession with me, my father decided to send me back home out of harm's way. But the exotic world of india had lit a spark in me that could not be extinguished; I wanted to try what I had learnt and live the dreams that had haunted me.
So.... I broke all bonds and came to the Pearl to prove that I'm worthy for a Maharajah.

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