Tuesday, June 3, 2008

old glories etc ... (2)

We thought we had lost her, but the ugly black hole at the entrance has once again been filled up with her friendly face. Give a cheer for Madame Jill Howley !

Thank you for accepting my card and taking the time to read it.
Should you choose to write me, please know that I would be honoured to make the acquaintance of the discerning and imaginative gentleman, who would enjoy the company of an educated young lady. I was brought up in a fine Anglo-Irish house brought low by the sad events witnessed and suffered by my people. Surrounded since girlhood by the vicissitudes of economic misfortune, I have taken my refuge in books and tales of Romance, Peril, and the Gothick. I would rather tremble in the arms of a villain intent upon seduction, or swoon in the embrace of a valiant knight, than let my mind languish upon the meagre presents of my former estate..
So, let your fancy guide you where it will, Sir, and you will find me ready to follow...I will gladly entertain those themes and creatures of the imagination which most inspire you.

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