Thursday, June 26, 2008

a call to Fun

Drama seems to be part of Second Life. As much as we hope to keep it from our doors, sooner or later it will come and pay its respects and refuse to take polite hints that it overstayed its welcome.

The matured lady or gentleman will recognize the oaf for what it is and accept with stoicism that little can be done except endure. There is always the hope that it suffocates in a cookie, so that it can be rushed off to hospital before it has the chance to recover.
The worst part is the aftermath. Either the cookie did it's patriotic duty, or a frustrated member of the household did something unspeakable and creative, or the unwanted guest got bored and left, but for a while one tends to crawl under the table when footsteps approach the door.

This , of course, will not do.
The guest is gone now, the blood cleaned away and the dog has stopped chasing its own tail and regained its old habit of chewing your leg. It is past.

All Drama is man made. All fun too.

Let's not forget that, besides the worries whether or not your curtsy isn't too shallow for an earl, we are supposed to have fun at it. So, after diligently discussing the finer points of etiquette, or roleplaying a courtesan's hapless suitor, it is good to have a moment and step away from it all. We wouldn't want you to start throwing the cutlery (in the correct order, granted) or chasing shops to find that eery suicide animation.

Ladies, gentlemen, we need to lighten up a bit, so the Pearl has decided to formally organize "Out Of Character" (OOC) events, where the roleplay is suspended for a while and you can mingle with the rest of the community without having to wonder whether the lengthy exhortations on the speeches of Ulysses Grant are roleplay or the clear sign of a deranged mind. You will know .

The first official OOC event wil be the beachparty, next wednesday. the ladies will flock to the group beach of the water sims we inhabit and for a few hours cease to be Victorian ladies. We will be waiting at the Pearl to sail you at its location (but you can always take the ortnithopter, of course ; course to Nags Head Surf Beach, Nags Head (210, 115, 25))
Take note that on Friday, I will hold a party to celebrate my rezzing day. That will be a roleplaying event and its location is a surprise. More on that will follow later

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