Friday, May 23, 2008

(re)introducing Lady Luna !

Greetings Sir or Madam.

Lady Luna welcomes you to the Pearl ! I'm honored that you have the time to take a glance at my letter of introduction. If you are here, then you must appreciate the finer things in life.
Born as daughter of a wealthy German Trader, I lost my mother upon birth and even though my father's grief about the loss of his beloved wife remained strong, he couldn't deny his tender affection to the last gift she left on earth for him. When I reached age of 12, he took me with him on his journeys to foreign countries to assure my protection and education until the day where another tragedy changed my destiny once more. Bandits attacked the caravan we travelled with, killed all who resisted and kidnapped the younger ones ...
From there on, it is the story of Luna, bought by a Pasha in the slave market at Cairo and given to Sultan Abdulhamit as a present. There, in Topkapi Palace at Constantinople, in order to become an accomplished courtesan, they teached me about fine arts, culture and languages. With the help of the Eunuch Nadir I learned also about the oriental oriental ways of seduction and rised quickly in the harem to become Abdulhamit's favourite. The fall of the Empire brought me back to Europe, the only origin I remember. Separated from all the ones I loved, until today I seek to bridge the Western and Oriental cultures. I would be honoured to engage your company, please send me a telegram (IM) with your desires, my place is to ensure that any Gentleman is to be treated as a Sultan!

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an anonymous adventurer said...

Let me attest to the fact that Lady Luna, a.k.a. Miss J_____, is a delightful hostess and, as one would of course expect, an extremely attractive young lady. Let me also attest that, sadly, I can directly confirm Lady Luna's story of becoming a leading courtesan in the decadent and corrupt East.

My investigations have found that she has clearly been taught certain techniques and methods which a scholar, such as myself, might otherwise presume belong only to the wildly sexual women of the South Seas Islands. Even those with only a passing acquaintance of the effect these tempestuous South Seas beauties had on the men of H.M.S. Bounty, to the great misfortune of Capt. W. Bligh, can see that the charms of a woman such as Lady Luna can drive a gentleman to, I must in the interest of scientific truth reveal as, a quite enjoyable frenzy.

I hope to be able to... investigate... the circumstance of Lady Luna's past at some point in the near future.