Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Your graces,
Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ever since I joined our fine establishment, gentlemen and ladies alike mentioned to me (usually with a painful expression) the need for a gazette or other type of publication in which they could find reports on events they missed, or information on things to come. Letters of introduction from ladies, short stories, reviews of places to visit, clothes to wear, personal musings on a variety of topics, all appeared on the wishlists of several persons, not in the least the owners themselves, who, weighed down by their daily duties, lack the time to startup this worthy initiative.
Far be it from me to dispute priorities, of course, and it dawned on me, that, as administrator of the Sorority, I had to make this problem my own. the results of my efforts I present you here, and you can rest assured I will persecute, hound and beleager the residents of our halls to make sure regular posts are prepared for your digestion and amusement.

Your Servant,
Lady PearlT

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