Monday, May 26, 2008

a welcome to our newest lady : Keyah Kyomoon !

Dear Friend,

I come to you of 'mixed' heritage and for that I apologise. But whether my mother was Irish or Prussian and my father, African or Chinese, I still am unsure. While my eyes have an asian slant they are emerald green in colour, my hair is naturally red and my skin while only somewhat coffee becomes considerably darker if I have had a romp in the sun. I was raised in a institute for the orphaned and deranged. An asylum of the insane and for a time I believe I was. But the Fates saved me and at fourteen I escaped the cruel keepers of the institute to make my own way . Now that I am a mature woman, I have only my body and my skill as a story-teller. I would give me great joy to be a part of your story or you could be a part of mine.
May I offer one of my poems now as I offer my body for your pleasure:

Owed to a Wild Rose
When you see a wild rose
As you travel through this life,
Stay thy hand, friend!
For it is better not to pick that rose.
But only stop…Admire it's beauty… and continue on your way.

For any flower plucked will die…
Losing the very beauty that you sought to gain.
And a rose by any other name,
Is only a rose, after all,
And being wild is all that it knows.

Remember also, my friend,
That a rose cannot return your love, Nor
See, hear or speak of a love for you.
Any more than it can for the earth at its' feet,
The air that it breaths,
Or the sun shining upon its' face.

And tho' a rose can not fear death
By your hand or any other,
Nor even comprehend the loss.
It is the loss of living,
not the dying that is the fear.

Keyah Kyomoon.

If my words move you then my soul may become yours also.

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