Sunday, May 25, 2008

the Queen's birthday

Don't let it be said that the House isn't patriotic. We love our country, as it provides us with lovable gentlemen to grovel at our feet and we love our queen, as she is young and beautiful. After a long series of boring old monarchial crabs, we finally have a young filly hopping up-and-down on the throne.

So naturally, we HAD to celebrate her birthday. To our shame, we must admit we only learnt recently of the exact date , but we WILL be sure that a proper event is organized in the future. As it was, we hastily dressed up the house for the occasion, using a portrait we only recently acquired (You will agree, our queen IS a steal) and made arrangements for a small ceremony in her honour. We sent her a small gift as a token of our appreciation and were excited to learn that she was dying to try out the new hairbrush.

When the Ladies started to pour in, it was suggested that it would be an excellent idea to have a group picture. As Lady Luna is the first to saber down any of our pictographic attempts, the Sorority decided unanimously that she should take it, providing us with a well-earned peace of mind. So here it is, dear reader : from left to right, Lady Bella, Lady Hagar (me, yes yes), Lady Anske and last but not least Lady Suzee.
Bu the time Lady Luna managed to take the picture she was already foaming with impatience, as none of the girls could hold on to a pose for three seconds

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