Monday, November 17, 2008

Josie's goodbye

JB Barnstormer left us. A day of sadness for those who knew this wonderful, soft and caring lady and thought her presence an enrichment for the Pearl. Things change, however and after having convinced lady Hagar that chains were out of the question, a party was held in her honour to wave her goodbye. She presented this letter to everyone

Thank you for coming here today to wish me well. I had considered this move for several months. Second Life, like Real Life, generates priorities, relationships, duties and desires for change. Recent events in my second life have only sharpened my desire to explore in other directions in SL.
Shortly after arriving in second Life, I applied to Club Pearl, and in particular to Chel Crimson and Vlad Opus for a job as an Escort.
At the time, there here two jobs, Hostess and Escort in Pearl. Recently, I looked at the picture of me as a newbie in SL. And as I appeared to Chel.
Frightening. But I got a new skin, a shape, some hair, some clothing.
And of course, at the time, being an Escort at Pearl meant you received a cute red, black, blue or green dress – mini length, with petticoats. I miss that outfit – I know that we are more authentic now. The clothing each of us buys is truly beautiful, but there was a certain freedom of spirit that the original Pearl outfits gave us.
While I served in Pearl, I began to make friends, and that is what I treasure most about Pearl Club. When I returned to SL after a year’s absence, I met Agile Innis, a funny, sexy woman who had been a fine friend in the original Pearl. There are many other women who have given intelligence and energy to Pearl, but I want only to mention a few who have made Pearl what it is: the club owners and the madames, past and present.
Bella is a warm and funny woman who always is ready to offer help, support and a great laugh – a wicked an playful sense of humour.
SuzeeQ Cazelet has been my BFF since I rejoined Pearl in February. Not only quick-witted and entertaining, she has been a pillar of support for me in my various romantic escapades – and then points out to me what a silly goose I have been. I love her like a sister.
Anske Beattie, who is famous for her high spirited romp through the garden, has become the heart and soul of Pearl. Always friendly, Anske is one of those persons who spreads happiness, laughter and good cheer wherever she goes. Where most people greet you with a “Hi” or “Hello”, Anske always shouts “Hiiieeeeee!!!!! Josie!!!!! Schatje – how are youuuu!!!!!!” Were it not for the exclamation mark key on the computer, Anske might be rendered almost entirely speechless.
Lady Hagar Qinan, with Bella, an owner of Pearl, is a scientist who also possesses a quality that I deem essential to in all worthy humans – she laughs at my jokes. Her dedication to the success of Pearl is without equal. Hagar manipulates and controls SL and its many odd features with ease.
One of the most beautiful women in SL, Hagar’s business-like demeanour may occasionally conceal the warm, passionate woman who is able to leave me laughing so hard I can barely type. Hagar is also one to whom you can turn in time of need. One night quite late, I found Hagar online at about 3:30 am Holland time. Most of the Euro crew had long before departed for the night, but there was Hagar, hanging in to be present at an important event for one of her friends. Hagar has won my personal gratitude and friendship for the kindness to me and understanding whe has shown me.
Other men and women of have also become good and true friends. These persons have been unfailing in their kindness, sense of humour, cultural interests and dedication to the principle of a gloriously sensual life within a decorous shell of culture, manners and formal appreciation of the human condition.
JP, who set a record bidding in a mock slave auction, is also a reliable movie critic and nice guy. AP not only appreciates the women of Pearl, he possesses a keen love of poetry and the arts. SB, so kind and courteous, so often entertained me with stories of life in the world of networking and information technology infrastructure. An animal lover, his heart has recently been captured by a Labrador Retriever. If only he would scratch me behind the ears with the same dedication. FB long helped provide stability to Pearl Club. He is the last person in the world to grab the spotlight, yet he provides kindness and thoughtful appreciation to the club and its activities. CS I never grew to know very well – except that he always seemed to win the sailing race with Lady Hagar. You may have heard my muttering about a Low Countries cabal, but the truth is the he always supports the club and its activities – so of course he becomes an expert sailor. Finally, Chiron Winkler – he never joined Pearl, but he has offered his consulting services on several occasions and also became a really good friend.
My point int this ramble? Pearl has given me friendships I wold otherwise have missed out on completely. I will miss Pearl greatly, but it is time to move on.
Thank you to all of you for your goodness, kindness and affection – each one of you holds a special place in my heart.

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