Sunday, February 1, 2009

the rising sun

Sometimes I wonder about Lady Hagar. I mean, I have met no-one else that can meticulously plan to accidentally disclose the fact that it's her birthday. What a mind. As it happens, someone else was having her birhday too around that time, but this Lady had no qualms whatsoever to share the secret with the rest of the universe.
I am certain that we may thank the second lady for having an official double birthday party. I witnessed how she cornered her fellow merrymaker . I kept my respectful distance, of course -privacy is an important thing at the Pearl, especially if it looks like you could be drawn in- but judging from the enegetic gesticulations, the point was hammered through.
So we all got invited to a themed ball. The theme was quite in vogue, as it turned out : it was to be oriental, more specific japanese.

Well, the message was understood, clearly. Those who honoured us with their presence all showed up in period and in geography. In the center of this picture is Lady Hagar, annex opium pipe (maybe that's why she was so meek that day?) . Miss Levenque (to the left) was asking her whether the screen behind her only looked like the one in her room by coincidence.
Lady Anske, who was responsible for the d├ęcor (and the commandeering of props) certainly won the prize for most beautiful kimono. On this picture you'l see her dancing with mister JP, also in skirt. By the time this picture was taken, Lady Hagar had retired behind one of the screens puffing smoke rings.
All this happened early december. All in all, a nice, quiet party

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