Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Halloween Ball

It seems that I am cursed. I already get the more awkward visitors to entertain, a consequence of being one of the owners I guess. All the while the sane ones engage in other pursuits, obviously thinking I have too odd tastes. The punishement for my sins is also extended to inappropriate internet problems , however, leaving me high and dry at moments I least want it. This made me miss the start of our Halloween ball and, as I wasn't there to nag, this resulted in the Grand March being broomed quietly onder the grass carpet. By the time I finally made my entrance, visitors were too drunk by far to get them into a queue, so I made no further attempt to promote some Victorian culture. Alas, but not to worry. I will terrorize the participants of another ball.

Our lady Anske had prepared well, sprinkling otherwordly oddities all over the garden (and in the ballroom of the house as well) to promote the right ambience. I was glad the two conical house spirits were duly banned shortly after being let loose though, as they pestered me to no end in the days that preceded the event. Fortunately they put each visitor on a par, including the owner of the wretches, who subsequently sent them back to purgatory.

The gents I noticed came as vampire, inappropriate diver and mad scientist. The girls picked some variation of the Gothic girl , except for Anske , who opted for the demonic, fire wings and all. Myself, I picked the evil witch look, with scary wolf eyes, but later querying amongst the male portion of merrymakers revealed that this detail passed their notice , their eyes dwelling more in the depths of my neckline.
One of these gentlemen was thus engrossed in the subject, that he mumbled something about the beauty of my blue eyes when prompted to shift his weight of my foot, so I decided to reward his fish-eyeing with a more appropriate shape shift.

Lord H gracefully braved my dangerous mood afterwards and passed considerable time dancing with me (It was I who stepped on his foot). Lord S , as ever, showered his graces by dancing with as much girls as he could lay his hands on, hereby hampered by the costumes he had chosen. I assume that the brain we found afterwards was his (well, not his, but his property, I mean).

Lady Anske, in the mean time, had a meeting with Death, who turned out to like her too, fueling the jealousy of the other women present, who already think her charms are way too effective as they are, without her getting gifts from Death as well. It was suspected that the untimely disappearance of Lady Bella had been the original pursuit of Death, but the lady appeared later in full health and the subsequent deshabillement of the merrymakers proved that Death had too much live flesh to be the real thing.

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