Thursday, August 6, 2009

the Adult Viewer(2)

It's been a while since I wrote my last post on the new Adult viewer. In the mean time, the release candidate has become the official viewer and you should now all be using it; all sims are updated too to accomodate the new "Adult" status. Zindra, the Adult continent, has risen from the waves and already clubs are starting to move to it. The Lindens have started to scan the mainland (i.e Linden owned land) to trace those parcels with Adult content and owners of said parcels receive the SL version of the eviction notice, explaining them what the problem is and citing a deadline before which they must have moved or adapted.
Adulthood is everywhere, in other words, but I still hear questions and remarks that indicate that many people still do not know what actually is going on, so i will use this post to tackle some of these questions.
1. you must be age verified to be an Adult
ehh, no. Age verification is one possible way to get recognized as an Adult. As the process is far from reliable or even practical for non US users (Elivis Presley got through the age verification process, no kidding) , you can also use the alternative : payment info. If you have bought Lindens via the LL webpage, you already have given your payment info to the Lindens and there is nothing you have to do. The reason for this is clear : in order to have paypal or a credit card you already went through an agecheck
2. payment info is unreliable : a teen can borrow his father's credit card
Quite right, but so is Age verification, as is evident from the Elvis Presley example. You can cheat with both methods, and the treshold to cheat with a credit card is actually higher, because you have to get a credit card first, whereas Age verification can still be fooled with minimum effort. The Lindens are actually not interested in watertight age proof; they are interested in an official statement from your part, so that they can sue you if it turns out you lied.
3. you can only get into an Adult zone if you are age verified
Wrong. Payment Info and Age check both make you an Adult. You don't need to do the two. It is possible however, that you didn't get into an Adult zone, even though you have declared payment info. There are two possible reasons for this : a) you didn't set the PG, M & A setting in the viewer settings. The default setting is PG & M only. To amend this, see what I wrote about that in my previous post b) the owner has set an additional setting on his parcel that bans people that are not Age Verified. The same can be done for people that have no payment info, by the way. The combination of an Adult parcel that bans one or both categories is downright silly, but it happens.
4. if you use the parcel settings to ban non age verified AND non payment info, your parcel is Adult
Nice try, but no cigar. Adult is Adult and that status is alloted at sim level, not at parcel level. The whole idea is that the sunday school variety of SL residents can safely walk into a parcel and know for sure that there will be no Adult content. These users want to be blocked from entering an Adult parcel, even though they are age verified and/or payment info declared. Parcel settings do not do this.
5. I don't want to be an SL Adult. That would make me a pervert.
Wrong. As stressed in the previous point, someone having Adult status (because he has a paying account) may still want to be kept away from Adult sims. They would be quite shocked to hear that you consider them perverts. Besides, in the recent Linden blog post about their intellectual property rights initiatives, it was clearly stated that in their future program to protect buyers, the Lindens should have the identity and payment info of the seller on file. In other words, they should be Adults. It is clearly the objective of the Lindens that being Adult will once be the normal state of a resident.
6. Is this the end of the free account ?
Good question. So far, the answer is no. You can have a free account and still have payment info on file, so you can have Adult status. Looking to the content protection initiatives mentioned earlier, a free account could still have himself recognized as a seller.

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